Why I wanted to be a photographer

Working abroad changed my life and eventually the change led me to visit several places, meet new people and approach different ways of thinking. All these experiences were helping me growing and therefore would have become part of me forever. However I started to notice that my very weak memory didn’t allow me to remember where and how I experienced given situations. I started to become frustrated more and more often about not being able to link feelings and faded memories to specific places, persons or events.

That’s when I realized how important photography could be for me. Documenting the best events of my last 10 years gives me the possibility to return to those places without the stress to realize to have forgotten something beautiful that happened in my life.

Like it happens to anyone, photography also trains your eye and therefore I started to see the world in a different way, firming up details in my mind so that those memories would become harder to fade.

Of course it’s also a lot of fun too, but since for me it’s very easy to get obsessed with everything, I prefer to approach photography without commitment, so that I can go out taking photos only when I feel like to. Laziness, though, is a dangerous and vicious enemy :).


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